Whether you bring your family or come alone, you can expect for God’s love to be poured out to you. Below, we have summarized just some of the things you can count on experiencing when you visit with us.

You would think this would be at every church, however in today’s times, having a church on every corner doesn’t guarantee that God is there. We can assure you that when you visit Kingdom First, you will also sense that He is here.

When you visit, you will surely learn something. Whether you are a person that is very accustomed to church or a new beginner, you won’t have any problems understanding the message. Our children pickup on the relevant issues spoken from God’s Word.

We have witnessed so many miracles in this ministry that it would be too long to list. From cancer, emphysema, heart problems, lame walking and countless others. If you need a miracle to happen in your life, then YOU need to be here!

We know many churches work very hard at this, but this has become the norm here at Kingdom First.
Diverse in age groups, professions as well as ethnicity.

How is this possible?

Easy, in the Kingdom of God there is a culture that is meant to impact earth. Unfortunately in today’s churches, you see too much of the ‘world’s culture’ being the influence. At Kingdom First, we are under a different government… a different culture… The KINGDOM of God.

This is the place for a new beginning.
Realize that you have a purpose, but if you have lost connection with the true SOURCE (GOD) of that purpose, then you are experiencing what we call ‘Malfunction’, ‘Misuse’ and a ‘Disconnect’.
You are more than what you know, you are made in God’s image. You are meant to be connected to the KING and enjoy a relationship as a son/daughter with a destiny that is meant to change this world. You have giftings beyond what you realize, the problem is that they are buried and disconnected from your original Manufacturer (God who is the Manufacturer).  Make the best decision you could ever do for yourself… reconnect to the Master. Jesus is waiting to hear from you.