At Kingdom First, we believe in serving in the House of God.
Below are a listings of ministries and auxiliaries, click below to view a description of each.

Armor Bearers

The Armor bearers ministers to the needs of our Pastors and Guest Ministers. They ensure the adequate care and comfort of our pastors.


In addition to monthly meetings- Audio meets frequently as need arises to cover new equipment- Training as needed. Expectations that you will have to attend sound check as well as some rehearsals as directed by the leader.


Band and Praise Team rehearses every week plus at home rehearsal required. Sound checks on Sunday are also necessary for excellence in ministry.

Children's Church

Investing in the lives of our children here at Kingdom First is a priority. Building Kingdom minded children develops the purpose and plan of God for our youth.

Faithful Friends Of God Choir

Rehearsal every week plus at home rehearsal required. In addition to being prepared to sing at other engagements on days other than Sunday when requested.


Duties are before and after service requiring you to come early and leave late. Also this group is responsible for service at funerals and additional church functions.


Responsible for guest reception and other receptions after programs or special speakers or other events.


Intercessors pray before service and are assigned to pray during service as the leader directs. Intercessors have regular meetings. No dues are taken, but seed offerings are required.

Expressions Of Praise Mime

This ministry uses Sign Language, dance and drama to interpret both contemporary and traditional songs of worship.


Duties are mainly during service. However workers may miss special functions at church because they are working in the nursery.

Pulpit Committee

The committee meets monthly to plan for special things for the pastors. They also make plans for various observances like Valentines Day, etc.

Security Team

Our security team keeps a watchful eye throughout our Kingdom First service. Safety and care for our members and guests are top priority.

Youth Group

Outside class preparation required as well as assistance in preparation for additional events.