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We know many churches work very hard at this, but this has become the norm here at Kingdom First.
Diverse in age groups, professions as well as ethnicity.

God's Love

Here you are loved, encouraged and supported. God’s love is here at Kingdom First.

A Fresh Start

This is the place for a new beginning.
Make the best decision you could ever do for yourself… reconnect to God. Jesus is waiting to hear from you.

God's Presence

Having a church on every corner doesn’t guarantee that God is there. We can assure you that when you visit Kingdom First, you will also sense that He is here.

Teaching of God's Word

Whether you are a person that is very accustomed to church or a beginner, you won’t have any problems understanding the message.

God's Power

If you need a miracle to happen in your life, then YOU need to be here!
From cancer, emphysema, heart problems… We’ve seen God Do It!

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God Planted Kingdom First Here...

1101 McKinnie Avenue, here in the southern part of Fort Wayne.
After many years of ministry in Grand Rapids, the Lord spoke to Apostle David Spearman to move the ministry to Fort Wayne. Obeying God, Kingdom First was started and opened it’s first service in Fort Wayne, Indiana on July 10, 2016. Over 75% of the congregation also moved, found new jobs, sold houses and found incredible favor of God along the way.

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Join us on Sundays @ 10am.


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