Psalms 92:13 states…
“Those that are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

Just like a plant, we are to be planted in the house of the Lord to ensure good flourishing growth in our Christian lives. Not just planted here and there, but where God desires to plant us, so we can develop good roots in the ground where He has planted us…
We believe that if you are a Christian, you need to be committed to a local church. We provide what we call “Partners in Ministry” course for all who desire to join Kingdom First. This course is essential to connecting you into what we are doing and what we are all about. It’s here that you learn our vision, mission, our protocol, your benefits as a partner and more.
Partners in Ministry Course details:
-1 Day Class Orientation
-You will recieve a Partner Book that outlines benefits and responsibilities of all partners at Kingdom First.
3 Commitments that cover Partnership at Kingdom First
The difference between attending (visiting) Kingdom First and Partnering? >>> Commitment.
We ask you to commit to 3 things that will bring maximum impact to your life, this ministry and this world.

1. GROW (You) A commitment to your personal growth in your relationship with God.
2. CARE (Us – at Kingdom First) A commitment to God’s House, serving and caring.
3. GIVE (The Vision) A commitment to furthering the Vision God has spoken for Kingdom First to effect this city and world.
If you’ve visited Kingdom First and your interested in taking the next step of partnership, fill out our partnership inquiry form so we can schedule a time to meet with you.

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